Renters Warehouse utilize mobile to boost inspection productivity and manage data integrity at a high level.

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Renters Warehouse

Renters Warehouse is one of the fastest growing and highest reviewed residential property management companies in America. The team at Renters run a winning business model that has seen them feature on the Inc. 500 | 5000 list of fastest growing privately held companies in America. They’ve won a few “Best Places to Work” awards and reached 32 markets in 25 states. Backed by growth equity investor and majority stakeholder Northern Pacific Group, Renters Warehouse now manages more than
$3 billion in residential real estate.

$3B under Management

22,000+ Homes

25 States

Inc 500

Going mobile to drive increased productivity and data organisation

Before SnapInspect, the team at Renter’s Warehouse was using a variety of different methods for each aspect of the inspection process. “For photo and video uploads we were making YouTube videos and then sharing them on our websites, obviously, this is time consuming, inefficient and not cost effective.” said Jarret Harmon, Director or National Operations. The team at Renters Warehouse had to find a solution that not only integrates with their IT and property management system but also provided a strong mobile focus. “With SnapInspect, Renters warehouse can now use their mobile device for every task involved in the inspection process.” The Renters team now record, upload and share their data through the native SnapInspect iOS & Android Apps along with a robust cloud management app.

Jarrett explains that having reports ready to download and print as soon as you have walked through the property and done the inspection is a huge benefit. Often, property managers were writing reports based off videos taken on their phone. Jarett says that this gives them a company wide standard that was much needed. 

Having a pre-built inspection report, email template, and video landing page which is fully customizable to their different inspection types such as Move In, Move Out, Routine and annual inspections is a game changer. SnapInspect has also relieved Renters Warehouse Property Management team of a lot of stress. When an inspector or property manager has an account, they don’t have to worry about inspection reports becoming lost e.g. if you lose your phone. SnapInspect has enabled Renters Warehouse management to have control and ownership of all data, And when you’re the size of Renters Warehouse it’s a must.

Central Hub for Managing Properties & Inspections

“From a standpoint of data, SnapInspect has helped renters warehouse tremendously. SnapInspect empowers Renters Warehouse to take control of its own data. Being able to have access and retrieve past inspections has major benefits.” says Jarret. Beacause the Renters team are pioneers in the property management field they felt that providing their clients, tenants and owners with a full video inspection would create a better experience for them. This proved to be a challenge, as Renters Warehouse property managers had been using YouTube, picture share websites, data file converters etc. just to upload an inspection! After completing the inspection they would then need a quick and easy way to send the inspection video and also store it somewhere accessible. SnapInspect answered the call by providing customizable video landing pages complete with branding and ability to save videos. Also providing video links in reports rather than embedding video proved a much faster way of sending out inspection reports as now each report size would be 1/10th the size of an average inspection report. Now the Renters team have all their data online and accessible thanks to the software. This also allows the team to retrieve information at any moment’s notice. “Having the Web App means I can log in, grab a video and share it at a moment’s notice with whoever needed.” says Jarret.

User Friendly Mobile Apps

The mobile app is so user friendly that renters warehouse uses it as the starting point for onboarding new staff. Often working in property can mean you are not as tech savvy as your peers. Jarett says that from experience staff get used to using it by simply trying things. For example, getting a new employee to shoot a video for the first time (which can be a new process for some people) can easily be done, hit the record button, upload and you are done!

"Often working in property can mean you are not as tech savvy as your peers".

We love helping property management companies become more efficient using mobile.

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